Friday, January 13, 2006

I want to love you, P.Y.T.

This morning, in the mall playground with Mrs. Stein, I was watching all the kids. Right across from the playground is an electronics store, which always blares loud music. This morning they had this old school Michael Jackson re-mix going on, classics like "Billie Jean" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." They were re-dubbed with a funky disco groove, which I enjoyed immensely.

I was reminded of when I was younger at the roller rink, skating like a mad fiend. The roller referees were the coolest, they could skate backwards and do all kinds of tricks (plus blow their whistles). The wind would blow in my hair and I would be rolling along to MJ, when he was still a black man (and not a white woman). Ah, those were the days - when disappointment was when you got a battered pair of rental skates.

When Michael was still awesome.


  1. You gotta miss the good old days when all singers we liked used to be good, Michael Jackson being one of them!
    What mall has aplayground?

  2. *Sigh* You got me feeling nostalgic. MJ really was awesome. As a matter of fact, in my profile, I considered adding him to my favorite singers, but decided against it - for obvious reasons.

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