Friday, August 19, 2005
We've got spirit!

I have 3 amazing, active, energetic children, Baruch Hashem. Aged 5, 3, and 2. One theme I am exploring in my life right now is that they are "spirited" children, a euphemism coined by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. "Spirited," as opposed to perhaps "difficult," "bratty," or "vilde chayes." They are intense. Today, my spirited 3 year old decided to run away from me at the grocery store. We were on line, and all of a sudden...where's Rivky? "She went over there," pointed the helpful lady behind me. As I went to retrieve her, I wore a stern face. "Rivky," I intoned loudly, "If mama doesn't know where you are, then mama can't keep you safe." Then I went to pick her up. "NoOoOoOoooooo!!!" she wailed, kicking and screaming in my arms as we went back to the cashier (who shot me a disapproving look, hooray). The ice cream on the cake? When she attempted to pull my sheitl off my head. "Unacceptable!" I said, putting her down sternly. Rivky laid down on the ground and started carrying on. "Rivky," I warned, whipping out the index finger and wagging it, "Do you want to go visit Mrs. Stein?" (Mrs. Stein is my neighbor and dear friend, she had agreed to take my 2 older kids after the shopping trip). "If you want to go visit Mrs. Stein, you need to get it together." She got it together.


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