Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Where I'm at:

I am striving to grow spiritually, and these pursuits take up a lot of my time. At this point I don't feel such a strong urge to write, nor do I seem to have the energy. By the time I finish my daily avoda, I'm exhausted. Between the kids and G-d, I'm just wiped!

I have said that I consider this blog to be an exercise in narcissism, and this has started to bother me more lately. I'm not sure what direction I want to take with the blog, I just know I haven't really wanted to write lately. And not only that, but I haven't felt compelled to read everybody else's blogs (sorry guys, I hope you're all well). I've become sort of indifferent. But in a good way, I guess.

The festival of Purim is fast approaching. One of the lessons we learn from Purim is that it's Here and Now. We must understand that the Purim story is alive and well today, and not read the megilla like it's a history book. On this note, I have been thinking lately that I don't want to be at the feast of Achashverosh any longer. I don't want to drink his wine, I don't want to devour his foods. I no longer want to indulge in the sensual repast he continually offers.

Posts in the future may be sporadic, it's hard to tell right now. Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow? But for now I'm still here, and moving forward. I hope you all are, too. May the double joy of Adar illuminate our entire year, leading us to the ultimate joy of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

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