Sunday, August 21, 2005
Shabbos Yom Menucha

Ah, shabbos. The day of rest. The day my husband departs for shul for hours and leaves me with 3 very excited kids. No Uncle Moishy videos, no car to hop into, no "Shuki" or lego computer games. I dread the moment he walks out the door. Lest you think I'm remiss, I did read stories, play games, and take the kids into the backyard. Today was extra special (read: extra long), as my husband was making a siyum in shul for completing a Masechta (thank you, Rabbi Artscroll). Needless to say a lot of mischief was made this morning while my husband was out. I kept walking out of the house to see if he was on his way home. Baruch Hashem, he finally arrived. We had lunch, my 2 year old took his nap, I took mine, and the kids calmed down (why do they always mellow out when he's around?). Later in the afternoon I went to visit a friend, and took my 2 girls with me. As I walked down the block I passed my neighbor's house, who has a room to rent in her home. It's a one-room kinda deal, with a separate entrance. It was vacant for awhile but I've noticed recently a new car there. Outside the house was a guy taking out his trash. He was a mediterranean shade of brown, with a bird's nest of hair on his head.

YENTA-ME: Are you renting the room here?
NEW NEIGHBOR: (accent) Yes. I'm a college student.
YENTA-ME: What's your name?
YENTA-ME: (An Israeli! A new shabbos guest!) Are you Israeli?
NEW NEIGHBOR: I'm from Egypt. Gali Mohammed.
YENTA-ME: Where in Egypt? (I'm an idiot.)
YENTA-ME: (Kerro??) Oh, from Cairo.
NEW NEIGHBOR: Yes, you know Egypt?
YENTA-ME: (My people were only enslaved there for generations) Not really. Nice to meet you, good luck.

As we continued walking, I turned to Chaya and said "He's from Egypt, remember we were slaves there?" "Yeah I know," she said, and ran off down the block.


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