Sunday, November 05, 2006

I heard this on shabbos:

An Israeli woman desperately wanted a baby. She sought the blessings of many rabbis, yet remained childless for years. Finally, she decided she was going to pray at Kever Rochel. Nine months later she gave birth to a boy, and went back to "invite" Rochel to the bris. She left a handwritten note.

At the bris, suddenly, a beautiful woman in white walked in. Nobody knew who she was, but everybody was interested in her. All the women went to shake her hand or stroke her arm. The woman went to the mother, hugged and kissed her, wished her a mazel tov, and promptly left. Nobody knew who she was!

A videographer was filming the event, and when the video was played back, they saw the strangest thing: All the women were shaking hands with nothing, the mother of the baby had her arms around empty space. The dazzling woman in white was nowhere on the video!

It is Jewish custom not to "invite" people to a bris. Eliyahu haNavi attends each one, and it would be wrong not to accept. Thus we simply tell people. For if one specifically invites...

The other is obligated to attend.


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