Sunday, August 21, 2005
Instant CARma's gonna get you

My husband was supposed to work today. Whenever he has to work on Sundays, the kids and I make the trek to my mom's house. Baruch Hashem, she's only 45 minutes away. Anyway, Yaakov called his boss several times at several numbers, to no avail. "Looks like I get to go to Nana's house today too," he said. YAY! We all piled into the car and off we went. What a glorious day we spent! We swam in the pool, Nana polished the girl's nails, I got to read "People" magazines (only at Nana's house, nachon). Afterwards, we got to go for pizza. This is a place we frequent once every 4-5 weeks, whenever we visit Nana. They know our faces, we know theirs. We're "quasi-regulars." Anyway, something was up with the Israeli counter lady, as she was mighty cranky today. Yaakov placed our orders and asked for minestrone soup with my meal. We all heard him, we were seated right near the counter. The soup comes out, it's split pea. Yaakov walks back to the counter with the soup to exchange it, and Israeli counter lady shakes her head and says in a nasty tone of voice, "I don't have time for this today!" As if it's our fault that the soup is wrong! Each time we were called to the counter to get our food she was grumbly and uncooperative. When we finally got our entrees, they were wrong. At that point we just didn't want to deal with her anymore, so we ate what we were given. At the end of the meal I said to Yaakov, "you know, I'm going to say something to the owner. This is just not right." I went to the back of the restaurant and asked to speak with him. "he's out back," I was told. No problem, I thought, I'll just work on my little speech while I wait. I was standing there for a minute or two and who walks in through the back door? Israeli counter lady! She's wringing her hands and groaning that somebody had keyed her car. All around the entire car, some nasty prankster had left his mark. I wasn't about to add insult to injury by complaining about her - she had filled her quota of tsuris for the day.


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