Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Weird Science

Once in awhile Yaakov finds interesting science/educational videos online, and we watch them. Past exciting topics include the atomic bomb, electrical line work, ancient Peruvian cities, and NASA footage (always a favorite). Tonight's selection was about geologic forces at work. Volcanoes, earthquakes, you get the idea. The interesting thing was the "data" that was given, spewed out as factually as the volcanoes barfed out lava. Numbers that made my head spin! Geologists stating that formations were "65 million" years old. Does G-d conceal Himself that much? My favorite factoid of the night; the tiny ice-comets that pummel the earth every day cause ONE INCH more water to cover the earth's surface every 20,000 years. I mean, how do they arrive at that figure? If people can believe that, surely the story of Adam and Chava is do-able.


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