Sunday, September 04, 2005
Hurricane Chaya

Today, Chaya had a meltdown. She didn't get the juice she wanted (it was old and not drinkable anymore). Then, Rivky came out wearing Chaya's skirt. Chaya lost it - between the drink and the skirt, that was too much. She tried to pull the skirt off of Rivky, but I told Rivky to leave the kitchen. So Chaya dropped on the floor and started the show. She wouldn't calm down, so I went to take her outside. She was kicking and screaming the whole way. Yaakov locked the door behind us, and I sat on the front porch with her while she had her category 5 tantrum. She was kicking the door, totally raging. A couple of times I lovingly reached my arms out to her, but got rebuffed. Finally, through G-d's grace, she noticed a dead lizard under her feet. This sent her fearfully running to me, where she sat down in my lap and stuck her thumb in her mouth. Hurricane Chaya had blown over - stopped in her tracks by a lizard carcass. Thank you, Hashem.


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