Friday, September 02, 2005
Soy un perdido. I'm a loser.

Sometimes, when I'm overwhelmed with my house or my kids, I just "check out" emotionally. I become a vegetable, and I neglect my responsiblities. I'll use the internet too much. I'll read a secular book. I'll talk on the phone. Anything but doing what I should be doing. Like last night, Yaakov picked up my share of the work because I basically checked out for the night. It's not such a healthy pattern, and I need to shift. Bad mommy.

The good news is that yesterday I got a call from the mall (to follow up on my complaint). Remember I wrote about a very-not-nice billboard the mall featured? They said they've been getting a lot of complaints about that picture, and they are in the process of taking it down. Yaakov asked me, "do you feel vindicated?" YES! (Especially after he told me complaining wouldn't help!)

Now, I have to start my housework to welcome Her Royal Highness, the Shabbos Queen. She loves a clean bathroom, you know.


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