Saturday, October 22, 2005
Rebbe Nachman m'Breslov

I am not a Breslover Chassidiste, but I love Rebbe Nachman. He was a grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov, and quite a Rebbe in his day. The Chassidus I have learned from him is so sweet. Plus, I love those little books that are given out (for tzedoka) in Brooklyn. When I feel down, I always go for them ("All Will be Well" is a favorite). One time I saw a Breslover distributing those books here, and I got SO excited! I owned every book he had, but Yaakov and I still gave him money.

The one thing that I really apply in my life from Rebbe Nachman is Hisbodedus. This is talking to G-d in your own words. Aside from our daily prayer "requirements," it means just reaching out to G-d in a loving and conversational way. Telling G-d your problems, hopes, fears - anything you want. Rebbe Nachman says a person should do it every day for half an hour, but I don't do it that often. Truthfully, I should - whenever I do it, I feel very close to Hashem.

Anyway, tonight I had a special opportunity. Srulik fell asleep in the late afternoon, and Yaakov decided to take Rivky and Chaya to shul with him. I decided to clean my house and go talk to G-d. I went into my sukkah and plopped myself down in a plastic chair.

I thanked G-d for the beautiful sukkah, and asked Him not to blow it down with Wilma. I talked to Him about some issues I've been having lately. I asked Him to bless the big pregnant lady who came to us for shabbos today, for an easy birth and a healthy baby. I asked G-d to stop giving my best friend so much aggravation. I asked G-d to help me fight the negative and improper thoughts that seem to plague me so much. I thanked Him for my beautiful, healthy family.

I asked G-d to help me open my eyes and heart, to look upon those close to me with gratefulness and unconditional love.


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