Sunday, October 16, 2005
Fancy Schmancy Insomniac Maven

It's 2:15 in the morning:

I was laying in bed thinking the most bizarre, disturbing thoughts. Like, if I could take my girls on a plane to New York, what if it was going to crash? How would I explain that to them? "Okay girls, Moshiach is definitely here. Let's say shema together."

I took a shabbos nap late this afternoon, but I didn't sleep so long. I am tired right now. But I was just laying there, laying laying laying there, not falling asleep. Listening to Yaakov snore. Thinking my weird thoughts. Wishing for some scullcap tincture.

My cell phone sometimes lights up when it's on its charger. It's eerie. It starts to glow for about a minute, then fades into darkness. It really creeps me out. That happened about 10 minutes ago.

My amazing dad reads all these self-help books. He underlines things, highlights things, makes stars next to things he thinks are important. Sometimes he writes stuff down on index cards. Anyway, I'm reading my own self-help book now. So what did I do? I wrote some important points on an index card. And highlighted them. Then I realized who else did that.

The shabbos cholent was amazing today. I put in a spoonful of peanut butter. And barbecue sauce. And a huge package of stew meat (under hashgocho "Y," ha ha). Anyway, I make cholent in an interesting way. I turn the crock pot on "low" during the 18 minutes.
This is halachically acceptable. I spoke to my rav about it - it's okay even l'chatchila. (Sorry, shy_smiley and Dinosaur Mom, I know you're really lost now).

So The guests were raving about the cholent, and I told them the ingredients (plus the whole 18 minutes thing). One of the guests insinuated that maybe this wasn't the highest level of shabbos observance, and maybe a more strict Rav would have answered another way. Let me tell you, that ticked me way off. "What are you saying, Mister?" I thought to myself. For sure, I can do better with keeping shabbos (I could stop picking at my fingernails, for starters). But don't mess with the Brooklyn Ghetto Beis Din.

I am so tired right now. It's time to try sleeping again.


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