Wednesday, March 15, 2006
The Purim Revue:

Monday night I hustled the kids to be on time for the megilla reading. I gave Srulik to Yaakov and kept the girls with me.

The megilla reading was fun, made more so by Rivky's startled reaction to the first "Haman." Oh, I laughed SO hard. After each Haman, there were pranksters in the men's section who just had to get in the last noise. One guy had a whoopee cushion.

Tuesday morning we all put on costumes. I wore an old Dead t-shirt (c'mon, when else do I get to bust that out?). Yaakov went to the first megilla reading and I went to the second, and then we got in the car to distribute shaloch manos (purim goody bags).

We drove to my mom's office and gave a lot there (tons of Jews at the gastroenterologist). We drove to the nice man at the jewelery exchange and gave lots away there, too. We surprised my grandparents. We even met a Jewish toll booth attendant on the turnpike, and gave one to her. Then we came home and delivered around the neighborhood. I was gratified to see that our front door had lots of shaloch manos waiting for us.

We went to a block party and spent a couple of hours there. The kids got their faces painted and jumped around in the bounce houses.
Srulik kept losing his pants and showing his little tush to the world. Then we went to a communal purim meal and I ate waaay too much. Honestly, who can turn down handmade mashed potatoes and gravy?.

It was a lovely purim.


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