Friday, March 03, 2006
G-d Pays the Bills:

Yaakov is having a tough time at his jobby-job right now. He's a programmer. His boss is asking him to do things which he feels he wasn't hired for, things that are outside of his skill-set. He's asking him to do system administration stuff.

Yaakov has been pulling a lot of late-nighters working from home. He's tired. He's cranky. He's stressed. His boss is being very criticial.

I'm nervous as hell.

I'm trying to be the nice, supportive wife. I'm trying not to worry that maybe Yaakov will lose his job.

There's a story I read once about a frum Yid in NYC, who was having a hard time getting a job. He was thinking, "Maybe I should trim my beard, or not wear a yarmulke to interviews." He spoke to his rabbi. The rabbi said, "Who signs the paycheck - the boss, or G-d?" I'm trying to remember that.

Whatever Hashem wants is what's going to be. All I can do is make a keili - a vessel - for G-d's blessings. All I can do is be a loving wife, and keep on doing mitzvos.

And pray.


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