Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm thinking about it. It's less than 6 weeks away.

I was in the grocery store buying peanut butter, and I realized I should go for the smaller jar - less to throw away when I clean the refrigerator. Actually, Yaakov generally cleans it. G-d bless him, he helps so much for the holiday.

Tonight, while Srulik played in the tub, I cleaned underneath the bathroom cabinet. I threw away a whole box of old medicines, creams, yada yada. Now all I have to do is scrub it out and wipe down the items I'm keeping.

There is the concept of "selling your chomeitz" on Pesach. All the leavened items and other supplies (cosmetics, etc.) that might contain chomeitz need to be sold to a non-Jew during the 8-day festival. Many weary balabustes close up closets, rooms, or their entire houses, and "sell" them for Pesach.

I learned how to make Pesach from a very strict woman, and she had a different view. "Even items that a person sells have to be clean. Nobody wants to buy something that isn't clean and nice." Consequently, practically every surface of my house gets cleaned. I clean my kids' toys, then lock them away. I'll wipe down the medicines and cosmetics I can't use on Pesach, and tape the cabinet shut. Last year when I was cleaning the top of my kids' closet, I found a dry, old noodle. You can just imagine my triumph.

Because I make Pesach in a strict manner, I really need to get moving. Anyone will tell you that the kitchen is the most important place to be clean. So if I want to indulge in my stringencies, I need to tackle them little by little. That way when it's REALLY crunch time, I can clean my kitchen, scrub the chairs, etc.

And I still have to get through Purim!


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