Monday, March 06, 2006
What Have You Cleaned for Pesach Today?

That's the sign I want to put up on my front door. That's the thought that flashes - in neon red - through my brain.

Today Mrs. Stein had my kids, so I cleaned the front closet.
I figured it would take me about an hour, but that sucker took three (minus a 15 minute lunch break and 2 trips to the bathroom). I got rid of tons of old clothes and a huge wicker trunk. I vacuumed out jacket pockets and wiped down lots of spare computer parts (Why Yaakov insists on hanging on to 3 old lap-tops is beyond me). I found Chaya's pink sweater. I made room for the high chair Srulik is no longer using.

I followed the organizer's rule: If it's not used in a year's time, get rid of it.
I tried to get rid of an old (ripped) shabbos coat of Yaakov's, but he wouldn't let me.

He probably wants to wear it when he takes his lap-tops out to dinner.


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