Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Round Two:

The intermediate days of the festival have been fun. Sunday we went to a water playground and then swimming in Nana's pool. Yesterday we ran errands and went to a park. Today Yaakov took the kids on a bike ride while I cooked.

Today has been busy, cooking for the second half of yom tov. I'm basically making the same food I made for the first half. This time I made a shepherd's pie, with both sweet and mashed potatoes. I'm also going to make a fruit salad, with kiwi, bananas, and grated, raw beets.
Yaakov managed to gauge his finger while cutting up chickens. What a mess! Being the macho bass player he is, he super-glued it back together.

Tonight is shvi'i shel pesach, the night the Jews fled Egypt and crossed the sea. It is a custom for people to stay up all night and learn. Yaakov is napping now, gearing up for the long night ahead. Mommies are lenient about this - somebody has to take care of the kids the next day!

We have a custom to not wet our matzo except on the eighth day. All pesach we've eaten our matzo plain, not mixed with any foods or liquids. Thursday is party time. I'll be happy to eat nothing but soup with matzo in it all day long! I look forward to the last day of pesach with much gusto.

All pesach my kids eat very plain, healthful foods. Hard boiled eggs, chicken, fruits, yada yada. Every year I want to keep that energy going until after pesach, keep those fruity desserts flowing. Except I'm baking brownies for shabbos.

Oh well.


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