Wednesday, April 05, 2006
This article ANNOYS me:

It's about people having a greater variety of food choices on pesach. Like somebody was writing about quinoa sushi. Hello? You can't forego sushi for 8 days? Your life will come to an end if you can't have faux cake and cookies?

You know what we have for dessert on pesach? FRUIT! Peeled fruit! Watermelon balls, yum! Frozen bananas! Frozen grape juice pops! I have never boiled sugar before pesach. I have never made my own potato starch, no way. You want dessert? Have a fruit.

You know what we eat for 8 days? Chicken! Meat! Matzo! Schmaltz and gribenes (I think my cholesterol skyrocketed just by typing that). Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. Carrots, beets, cucumbers, eggs galore and more (Our favorite: thinly sliced egg strips in chicken soup). Nothing from a box or can. Everything washed, peeled, and made with love.

I am excited if variety means more Jews will strive to keep a kosher pesach. I suppose this has a good side. And the double chocolate mocha cookies mentioned DO sound more appealing than my frozen bananas. But I feel that keeping pesach unvarnished is what makes the holiday stand out.

I mean, I saw kosher l'pesach noodles for sale. For crying out loud! Noodles? You can buy kosher l'pesach pizza. I mean, come on, folks! IT'S ONLY 8 DAYS!!!

Pesach is not supposed to taste like chomeitz. Pesach should taste like pesach, dammit!


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