Friday, July 07, 2006
Fancy Schmancy Greedy Maven?

Every time we have a kid, my grandparents have asked, "what's his/her english name?" And each time we've patiently answered, "S/he doesn't HAVE an english name!"

Right after Zalman's bris, my grandfather - the sandek - popped the same question. I don't know why this bothers me so much. You would think, after 4 kids, they would get the point already, nu?

And here's another thing that ticks me off: No gift from the grandparents. And they're loaded! No gift from the aunt and uncle, either, and they're way loaded. I mean, Pop-Pop got to be the sandek, that's a HUGE honor. In the Brooklyn Ghetto, there's a chossid who pays the family 1000.00 for the zechus. We could use the extra gelt!

Besides, whenever the grandparents give our kids money, they say - "That's for the college fund." College fund? Hello, my kids are not going to college. That money is going towards our grocery budget, thank-you-very-much. You just helped feed your great-grandchildren this week.

Anyway, there's a part of me that's ticked off over this whole thing, and a part of me that says; "Just let it go. You have a healthy baby, that's all that matters." Another part says, "Chutzpah! You ask for more? You have enough already! Look how so-and-so is struggling."

Poseach es yadecha - "You open up Your hand" - G-d takes out His big ol' wallet and provides for us all.


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