Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Crocodile Tears

I never heard of this crocodile guy Steve Irwin until he was dead. But I find the aftermath most interesting. Unfortunately, his stingray-death was caught on video, so now the big hoopla is whether or not the tape should go public. I think he died a fitting death (and I don't mean that cruelly). Apparently, he was Mr. Wildlife Adventure Man. Well - for him - what a way to go!

I have long thought the media has served up drivel, all in the name of "The public's right to know." Of course, the public has been noisily eating what we've been served. Sucking the sauce off our fingers, munching down to the rind.

I don't own a television, so I'm often immune to the worst of it. But even the headlines online sicken me. Like on CNN the other day, they were describing a tragic house fire that killed 6 children. What was the headline? "Children scream, "Save us, we're burning!" Hello? That's gross! How could you print that? True or not, it doesn't need to be said. A low-blow to get readership. It's undignified.

Last year I was waiting in an airport to get a rental car. The TV was on, and they were showing the Abu Ghraib abuses. I had to avert my eyes. What's it my business to see that? What happened to not sharing things in polite company?

In early Europe, crowds would gather to see justice done. They'd ooh and aah over public hangings, crane their necks to watch the guillotine behead. We haven't changed much over the years.

I hope Crocodile Man's family can destroy the tape before it gets into our grubby little hands.


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