Monday, August 28, 2006
Ode to a Hurricane.

SeƱor Ernesto,
Please don't blow our way.
Remember last year?
No power - 15 days!

Tropical Storm,
Please don't get stronger.
We've had our fill of rain
We can take it no longer!

Last year we had a dark house,
We cooked on a camping grill.
We had no air conditioner
And a broken window sill.

We're filling up our water jugs,
and buying extra gas.
We're stocking up on tuna,
And we hope the storm will pass.

G-d bless all our comrades,
Who live in trailer parks.
I hope you find safe haven,
Before Ernesto leaves his mark.

Lord knows I don't miss Brooklyn,
But these hurricanes I hate!
Yet that's the price that we must pay,
To live in the Sunshine State.


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