Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What type of clothes do your kids wear and do you live in an urban area?
My kids wear fabulous hand-me-downs and thrift store gems. The girls wear tights, and cover their elbows and knees. Srulik is well-outfitted from the local clothing gemach (thanks to a buddy who has excellent mazal there). Zalman has been wearing his Carter's gifts from Nana. I live in the 'burbs.
Have you always been Jewish, and if yes, how did come to your current beliefs?
I have always been Jewish. My initial exposure to religious Jews was through a Lubavitcher family when I was 18. Spending time with them helped me in my first, tentative steps towards frumkeit. I also met a very special Sephardic family, and was their frequent guest as well. I went to yeshiva and learned. It didn't happen overnight - it was an evolving process. It still is.
What are some of the things that your beliefs allow and discourage?
Halacha (Jewish law) is a very wide place, so there's lots of things that are "allowed." Judaism discourages things that are against Torah commandments or values. I would also say that Judaism strongly discourages ego.
What do you like best about being Jewish?
Being a "member of the tribe." Seeing other Jews and resonating with the "Hey, we're Jewish!" vibe. Even if it's a total stranger, when you see another Yid, you're home.
How did you choose the names for your children and what do they mean?
All the names of my family have been changed on my blog to maintain anonymity. Their "blog names" are connected to them, though. In real life, all my children are named for deceased family members - as per Ashkenazic Jewish custom.
What was your life like before you were frum?
Hedonistic. Magical. Irresponsible. Curious. Reckless. Fun. Naive. Lonely. Immodest. Free. Trusting. I was stoned a lot.
Do you live in NMB?
Why, you wanna come for shabbos?


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