Thursday, September 07, 2006

Since tomorrow is the big day...

13 Upsherinish Wishes:

1. I hope a certain relative doesn't act obnoxious
2. I hope the food works out
3. I hope someone can read the Rebbe's letter in yiddish
4. I hope we have Cohen and a Levi for the first 2 snips
5. I hope that a certain family joins us
6. I hope Srulik doesn't take off his way cool tie
7. ...or yarmulke
8. I hope Chaya's fever goes away
9. I hope we get a nice turn-out
10. I hope Yaakov doesn't buzz Srulik's hair too short
11. I hope I can rally the kids to say the 12 pesukim
12. I hope mom doesn't freak out when we don't put Srulik in the yarmulke she bought
I hope nobody realizes I got my snazzy outfit at K-Mart


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