Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Last night I collapsed into bed at 2 a.m. after cleaning my entire house. I even cleaned the toy cabinet. This basically entailed organizing, and getting rid of garbage. I also put aside toys no longer being used - they'll find a new home at a thrift store. The toy cabinet is only done late at night, when the kids are deep in slumber's embrace. Otherwise, they'd have heart attacks. "What?! You're getting rid of that? It's my favorite!" (Nevermind the fact that they haven't played with it since the dark ages.)

One thing I realized, upon organizing the book shelf, is how many wonderful Jewish kids books I have. Tons. And a nice helping of "secular" books, too. Books about trains and helicopters and food, even one about snails ("Wow, look what interesting creatures Hashem made!").

I felt a pang of sadness. When was the last time I read to them? I'm so busy trying to keep up with dinner and laundry and brush your teeth please and dishes and I'll help you wipe and time to do carpool and feeding the baby and baking challah and doing homework. Whenever I do something it's always at the expense of something else! I don't even have the time to blog as much. There's things I've been wanting to write about that I just can't explore - no time. There's days I've wanted to discuss, but no time to do it.

Baruch Hashem.


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