Sunday, November 12, 2006
Keep on Blogging in the Free World...

One of my friends has started blogging again after a long hiatus. Her return made me think about blogs, and blogging in general.

The blogs I read, I feel like I sorta "know" the blogger.
I get involved with their lives and their stories. There's a certain familiarity there. But the truth is, I don't know them at all.

The converse is also true. Most of my readers don't know me at all. (I say most, because some readers are my close friends. One is even my husband.) I feel when I write, I project a certain personality - my "blog persona". And while that is a true refection of me, there's so, so much more (both good and not). Thank you for reading.

Some people have said that blogging is therapeutic, and I agree. Although I think they are referring to writing about their problems. I write about everything else! My deepest issues I save for friends (except the things I've wanted to send to postsecret).

I think I've explored a lot on this blog: My bi-polar father, fights with Yaakov, my parenting challenges. I've talked about the Grateful Dead, Weight Watchers, and struggles with frumkeit. I wrote Zalman's birth story. But I never talked about the relief I felt when my step-father died (there, I said it). I've never written the wretched secrets that burden my soul. I never wrote about losing a friendship I thought would last forever.

Maybe I will someday. Or maybe I'll find a therapist.


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