Friday, December 15, 2006
Dear Rivky,

I can't believe you're 5 today. Where has the time gone? What a big girl you've become!

I love watching your performances! I love all your energy! I love all the things you've been drawing, lots of rainbows and family pictures. You're a magical kid (and so sweet, too).

Even though you get cranky, demanding, and whiney, I can relate. I get that way too. Yet you are so often cooperative and helpful as well. You stand so patiently as I braid your hair every day. And when I ask you to stand back (so I can look at you), every day is the same. You do a couple of ballet moves for me, waving your arms and singing. You look so shiny and aidel, with your plump cheeks and happy braids. I feel so proud that you're mine.

I'm so blessed to have you, my erev chanuka baby. Happy birthday, dolly - I love you!



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