Wednesday, December 06, 2006
The "N" word.

You know, the one Michael Richards used. His comments were Nasty. They've become Notorious. Me? I think it's Narrishkeit.

Why? Because people are discussing the symptom and not the problem. The problem is racism, and xenophobia. And the bigger problem is that people want to wave their Tolerance Wands and make it all go away.

I think it's high time that we admit to our racism. We all have it (My grandparents would drink John Kennedy's bathwater yet lock their car doors in a schvartze neighborhood). I think it's time to say it's okay to have feelings. I don't buy this knee-jerk liberal crap where everybody has to love everybody (sorry, Jesse Jackson).
People sometimes feel uneasy around people who are different, and I think that's normal.

However (!!!), moach shalit al halev. Feelings must be tempered by the mind. We should examine them, understand them, and act appropriately. Ideally, we want our feelings to be virtuous - but ultimately, ha maisseh hu ha-ikkur. Action is the main thing. You got that, everybody?

(Brought to you by your favorite kike.)


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