Sunday, November 26, 2006
Sunday Fun!

Yaakov had an all-day class yesterday, so me and the kids went to mom's (yaaaaay Nana!).

As soon as I got on 95, 8 bikers got on too. Safety in numbers! So I'm following the bikers for miles and miles, when all of a sudden (out of nowhere!) another biker joins. Bearded and burly, riding his big 'ol hog. No helmet, with long hair trailing in the breeze (and a bald spot). AND he had a cigarette in his mouth! I found the whole thing terribly amusing, and called Yaakov right away. "You're calling me to tell me that?" he said. I guess I found it funnier than he did.

We went to the local pizza shop, but I didn't eat a thing. I had purposely eaten turkey before I left home, to "fleish" myself so I wouldn't be able to eat there. I keep wanting to offer this tip at a weight watchers meeting...

Then we went to the local playground, where I was surprised to see tons of moms and kids. I got into an interesting conversation with a Jewish couple there, who wanted to get married. I gently broached the topic of family purity to the bride, who seemed enthusiastic about it. I got her email address so I'll try and keep up with her.

On the whole it was a wonderful, productive day.


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