Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Election 2008

John Edwards dropped out. He was a good guy, honest, and he served his constituents well. I wonder if he'll be chosen as a running mate by the Democratic primary winner? I also can't help but wonder what will happen to his beautiful campaign bus now that he's gone...

Giuliani also dropped out. That was a good move for him and his health. If McCain wins the primaries, I definitely think he'll choose Rudy as his running mate. I think Huckabee and Ron Paul should give it up, too. Let's face it, folks. It's gonna be Obama vs. Clinton, and McCain vs. Romney in the end.

I used to feel very strongly that Hillary was going to win the primaries, but I'm not so sure now. Obama has all this support from people who are enchanted by his "aura of change." He has momentum and magic, a presence. I don't think people are so crazy about Hillary right now, or her husband. People want change, and she represents Washington politics as usual.

To my understanding, CNN is sponsoring the Republican debate tonight and the Democratic one tomorrow. And you know what that means: live internet feed!

That also means yours truly has two nights of entertainment booked.

p.s. I totally forgot the McCain-Lieberman connection. Maybe he'd choose Joe instead? That would round out his ticket for more moderate voters, I guess.


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