Thursday, February 14, 2008
Yes We Can!

The other day Yaakov started doing this funky dance around the kitchen. "I got the Obama groove," he informed me. We giggled.

Both of us were enamored with Republican Ron Paul, so I know full well that Yaakov isn't down with Barack Obama. But what is it about that guy?

I've been thinking about this "Obama Magic" that pundits have been palavering over. He is just magnetic. I mean, first of all, he's a handsome guy. And those teeth! Those beautiful white teeth against that smiling black face! And speaking of blackness, it's a major factor. He's black enough for black folks, but not "too black" (Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton) to scare away us honkies. He appeals to a broad spectrum of people, and has tailored his campaign to do so. And another point, his race makes him different. People want different now.

He's intelligent and well-educated. He's a great orator and he inspires. When he's not debating issues, he's giving these "Up With People" victory speeches. He makes you feel good: good about the country, good about yourself. He makes you want to change things for the better. That's his mantra - CHANGE. He's certainly made enough positive changes in his own community.

People like to caricature his Muslim background. They send out emails that he was sworn into office on a Koran or he wouldn't pledge allegiance. People want to turn him into a closet Islamo-facist. I think it's hogwash. His political track record is strongly pro-Israel, something I doubt many terrorists can claim. Besides, am I the only one who considers his Muslim background favorable when it comes to foreign diplomacy?

Even though he is thoroughly LESS experienced than Hillary, he makes his Washington newbie status a plus. He's not the "same old, same old" Washington bureaucrat. He's also chivalrous! Did you see how he pulled out Hillary's chair after their date debate at the Kodak? Even though they're more or less politically aligned, there's something fresh and beautiful about Barack Obama. It's a charm, a sense of humor...something.

I can't say I'm politically on the same page as Senator Obama, but I'd savor an Obama victory far more than a Clinton or McCain one. What can I say? He's special.


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