Thursday, January 31, 2008
I Can...

AidelMaidel tagged me to do this "I can" list. It's basically a list of things I can do, all written within 15 minutes.

Here goes!


bake challah
balance a checkbook
lose weight
have a baby naturally
play a mean game of scrabble
write well
clean a tushie
pass an algebra exam
play chess
be sympathetic
teach hebrew school
tell a good dirty joke (not at hebrew school)
ignore the phone
make sushi
appreciate scatalogical humor
massively obsess
compose poetry
do chesed
keep secrets
make friends
give in
be stubborn
make great chocolate cake
be thoughtless
braid hair
be tenacious (not the same as stubborn)
quote star wars verbatim
share scary/painful things
admit when I'm wrong
bite my nails like nobody's business
remember things
write mitzva notes
do laundry
tip well
be a great wife
clean for pesach
love my children
forgive others/myself
lie if I must
shut up
be diplomatic (same as shutting up?)
do great things with tofu
take an elevator all by myself!!!

I am not officially "tagging" anyone, but if you want to do your own "I can" list, guess what? YOU CAN!


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