Monday, August 22, 2005
All. Tripped. Out.

Today, Mrs. Stein and I field-tripped to the children's museum. My 3 kids, her 4 kids, plus 2 more that she was babysitting. It was a major deal, she has a membership there and can take guests. A trip that would have cost me 40 dollars ended up costing me 2 bucks for parking. Such a bargain! It didn't take long for the Anxiety Maven to emerge, however. Downstairs, Mrs. Stein was anxious. Upstairs, it was me. Unbeknownst to she or I, our Mavens pulled a switcheroo (it musta happened in the elevator). I got upstairs and just went nuts - I suppose the conversation we had about child abductions didn't help. Nine kids running everywhere against just one Fancy Schmancy Anxiety Maven. Are those odds fair? I was chasing after everybody and yelling. Mrs. Stein was a cool customer though, grooving to Herbie Hancock in the music section. When we finally left the museum with our brood intact, Mrs. Stein was offering water to everyone. "Want a drink?" she asked me. Yeah, lady. SCOTCH.


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