Sunday, October 23, 2005
Here She Comes...

Wilma, that windy trollop.

I know we're gonna lose power. Every time it gets a little windier than normal, it goes. We have a very old (above-ground) power grid and a sensitive circuit breaker. A friend of mine reminded me of what our Rebbe said; "Think good and it will be good." But I can't help but be gloomy. We've lost power too many times. I'm so sick of hurricanes, we've had about 14 of them this season. It's hard. We're going into yom tov, and a hurricane on top of everything else.

I'm sick of yom tov, too. I'm sorry to say it, but I am. Tired of all the cooking, cleaning, preparing, yada yada. Tired of hours alone with bored, hyper children while Yaakov is in shul. Tired of not being able to turn on a video for them or take them on a car trip because it's yom tov. I know I'm being complainy, but it's my bloggy and I'll cry if I want to.

My house is totally trashed and I am so tired. I'm really not interested in cleaning it. I need to, because it has to look nice for yom tov and I can't have no power and a messy house, besides. Yaakov joked, "Why can't it just look like a hurricane blew inside, too?" He thinks he's pretty funny sometimes.

So if I'm incommunicado for awhile, remember: yom tov is coming and Wilma is too.



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