Friday, January 27, 2006
Der Shviggers.

I have 2 mothers-in-law: One is Yaakov's step-mother, the artist who loves dumb dogs and Elton John. She's semi-regular in our lives. And for all I complain about her, I really love her. She's great with my kids, and always does fun art projects with them when she comes.

The other is Yaakov's real mom, whom we have not seen in years. She has never met Rivky or Srulik. She lives in Vegas, and she's afraid of flying. I get a lot of flak about her from my mom and from step-shvigger. "What kind of woman doesn't come to see her grandchildren?" Um, the kind that's totally plane-phobic? (I sympathize, as I'm terrified of elevators. Only people who have phobias can relate.)

So anyway, last night while baking the cookies I got on the phone with shvigger #1. I started talking about the cookies I baked at 350 (that should have been at 375). This led into a cooking chat, and I told her I bought canola oil to try. I always cook and bake with extra-light olive oil, but it's getting SO expensive! I can't find the big (economical) cans of it anymore, either. So she was telling me how she just had a friend staying with her who insisted on only using canola oil, and how delicious it was. I put her on with Yaakov - so she could describe some computer issues - while Yaakov handed me the cell phone he was talking on.

Who was on his phone? Shvigger #2! She and I talked about her plane-phobia, her job, my life with 3 kids, our shared love of historical fiction ("Oh yeah, "Pillars of the Earth" was great - I think I'm going to re-read that"). She's actually coming in February. She manages to get on a plane every now and again (with the aid of sedatives and her husband). So they are staying here, which I think is nuts. My kids are going to drive them batty. But if they want to, gezunter heit.

I would pay good money to get shvigger #1 and shvigger #2 on a plane together. Flying to an Elton John concert, where else? Dumb dog Teddy would be tucked under shvigger #1's seat, and shvigger #2 would be stoned on tranquilizers. Hell, I'd take the window seat.


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