Thursday, January 19, 2006
My Pet Peeve:

I hate when people - who are in nominal positions of authority - exercise their power unfairly.

Like one time, in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, my friend and I were heading out. This security guard came up to us and started yelling, "Didn't you know the park was closing? It's time to leave!" I said, "Relax lady, we're on our way out." Not good enough. More haranguing. Finally, I just started yelling at her. It was stupid of me.

Or yesterday, for example. I went to pay a shiva call to a family in a condo, so I pulled into a spot and proceeded to exit the car. A security guard comes up to me and says "You can't park there." I mean, what the hell? "Why not?" I asked, "There's no sign." He smirked. "I know there's no sign. You CAN'T park here, come to the window and I'll register you and assign you a spot." He wasn't so friendly, this greasy little man who has no life and can't do anything else but be a security guard at a condo. I didn't argue with him, but I was ticked off.

Why do people like this bother me so much? Because I can be just like that! I can be authoritarian and unfair when in a position of power. How many times have I looked back on a parenting situation and said to myself, "I didn't have to be so stubborn." Or when I worked in a particular store, and wouldn't bend on certain things (and ended up giving customers a tough time).

I'm so glad Hashem shows me these people, to remind me of what an obstinate mule I can be.

P.S. Last night in a chassidus shiur, we were talking about the wicked person who does much good. Rav Plony said, "Okay, so it's a fancy rasha." That's me - Fancy Schmancy Rasha Maven (Beinoni Maven coming soon).


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