Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Light Defeats Darkness.

Whilst in the thoes of depression on Sunday morning, I got a phone call to go to the old age home with my kids. Could we help with a Chanuka party?

We passed out grape juice and bananas, Chanuka gelt, bread, and dreidlach. We sang songs and looked at the old people. We listened to the rabbi tell a story. We were very, very careful around the menorah.

I couldn't help but be reminded of what I learn in Chassidus. Chase out darkness with light, defeat the yetzer hora by doing mitzvos.

Yesterday I took my kids to a park that has a petting zoo, with goats. Goats! Srulik loved them, walking up to each one and saying, "Hi, goatie." He would pat them and laugh. Rivky was a little freaked out, but she managed. One goat kept trying to eat my shirt. Chaya missed all the fun since she's in school, and next year Rivky will be too. Sigh.

I have 2 little kids at home all day. The sadness lingers, a hovering shadow. It's there, but I'm busy. I'll work it out.

One mitzvah at a time.


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