Wednesday, January 11, 2006
If you think YOUR family is weird...

Tonight we went to my step-mother-in-law's house so Yaakov could fix her computer.

She had a friend from California staying with her, a biochemist. She sat right next to me and started telling me all about her bi-polar son who had psychotic tendencies. I can totally relate to bi-polar family members, I can't relate to psychosis and I really can't relate to being told the first second I meet someone. I smiled and nodded and prayed she would go away.

Step-mom-in-law has all these gross dogs she's madly in love with, including a little poodle named Teddy (whom she schlepped on a trip to New York, hello, that's not normal). Her email address involves Teddy and so does her password - WEIRD!

She's an artist and she has all this art she made all over the place, most of it immodest in some way or another. I sat in a chair and caught up on my daily learning, and tried to ignore the naked ladies on the walls. They called to me, those ladies. "Don't learn chumash, look at us!"

She has a CD collection filled with her favorite artist, Elton John, whom she actually mailed a painting to once. She has a needlepoint of him on her wall.

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Anyway, here's something funny:


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