Sunday, January 08, 2006
Gas Station Trepidation:

So I went to visit Mom today and I stopped to get gas. I stood at the pump and thought of the Alter Rebbe.

One idea expressed in Tanya is that even when things are permissible, if they aren't done for the sake of G-d they fall into the realm of unholiness.

We all think about this stuff while we're pumping gas, right?
I'm standing there wondering how to save my gas experience from the clutches of the other side. "Well," I thought, "I am putting gas into the car so I can go see my mother, kivud em. And it will help me do carpool for school, mitzvah chinuch. It will help me drive to the store and buy kosher food." I knew G-d was listening to the conversation in my head, because He has access to that sorta stuff. (Which probably means He knew what I was thinking on the way home, too. Sigh.)

I hope I elevated my gas station experience into kedusha. I hope I released some of the sparks (with Techron!) that were waiting for me at Exxon.
I hope what I was thinking on the way home didn't cancel the whole thing out.

At least I wasn't busy thinking how much I paid for gas. Ouch.


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