Thursday, December 29, 2005
Disco Man + Snow White 4-Ever

So tonight there was a concert with The! Jewish!! Music!!! Superstar!!!!

We were all looking forward to going - Yaakov was working sound, plus it was free. What could be bad?

Rivky started complaining she didn't want to go before we even got there. This has been her thing lately. "You go. I'll stay in the car." Yeah right, like that's gonna happen.

When we got there, it was so loud. Poor Rivky, she got scared and started to cry. I mamesh felt so bad for her. But we couldn't leave, Yaakov was counting on us being there. She carried on for quite awhile.

Anyway, there were some very special people there. Like the biggest, baddest, baldest head ever, sitting right in front of me! There was a woman who looked exactly like Snow White. There was Disco Man, who kept movin' and groovin' to all the Jewish music. Then there was this older woman, I could tell she was quite the looker in her younger days. She kept shushing people and telling people to move out of her way. She said it to one of my friends, and I stuck my tongue out at her. She didn't notice. Then there was this old chassidisher guy who really started shakin' it at one point, and guess who joined him? DISCO MAN! I was loving it. There was an old lady with bright red lipstick, and a long blonde ponytail "wiglet" attached to her blonde head. I got a big kick out of her, too.

I was much more entertained by all the weird people than I was by the performer.


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