Thursday, February 16, 2006
In the Attics of His Life...

Yesterday we made a yucky discovery:

We have this heavy-duty plastic storage trunk in our backyard, where Yaakov stashed all kinds of stuff - college photos, old coin collections, an autograph album from the 6th grade. And lots of vinyl. For some reason (perhaps beknownst only to ba'alei teshuva), Yaakov would not get rid of his sorry record albums. We don't even own a record player.

Anyway, the kids went nosing through it, and we discovered the inevitable: mold.

So Yaakov sorted through all his treasures. Most of it ended up in the garbage. I wrote down all the artists that got trashed (for posterity, of course):

Joe Walsh
Rush (4 albums)
Miles Davis box set
Hot Tuna
Yoko Ono (Yaakov can be weird)
The Sugar Hill Gang
Dinosaurs (???)
Brewer and Shipley
Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
Donna Summer
Michael Jackson ("Hey, this is an original "Thriller" album!")

And last but certainly not least,

Cat Stevens (ha-ha)


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