Sunday, February 19, 2006
The In-Laws.

They're coming.

I have one week to make my house look
nice. I will have to clean the dirt off the fans. I will have to tidy the laundry room. I will have to make it look like 3 little kids don't live here.

They are flying on a shabbos. Yaakov will have to pick them up as soon as shabbos ends (which means my house cannot look like it did this motsei shabbos, like a tornado hit). I will have to wash the dishes ASAP and not save them for sunday. I will have to clean up the bathroom. I will have approximately 45 minutes from the time shabbos ends until they arrive (taking care of 3 kids and cleaning like a maniac).

They are going to be staying in the computer/guest room. Yaakov will have to organize all the computer gear in the closet, plus the stuff on top of the cabinet. I know you read my blog honey, so I'm telling you now: it needs to be done.

I really wish they weren't staying here.


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