Thursday, March 16, 2006
Mommy went Meshuggah.

Yesterday, all my kids were off from school so I took them to the local playground. It so happened that I saw my husband's boss and his family there, too.

My kids were playing as I sat on the bench saying Chitas, getting up every few lines to peek at my kids. Occasionally I swapped words with Boss-Man and Boss-Wife, but they were doing their thing and I was doing mine.

They left, and we stayed another 20 minutes or so. I rounded up my kids to get in the car, no easy feat. Srulik did his whole car seat routine, fighting me tooth and nail to get strapped in. Chaya - right in the middle of the wrestling match - asked if she could have her toys. I told her I would take them out of my bag as soon as she was strapped in.

She didn't listen. She went into my bag and got her toys, and then strapped herself in. I went ballistic. I started yelling that I was going to take her toys away for a whole week, and WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME!! and blah blah, basically just losing control over something really, really stupid. I'd like to blame it on the Srulik car-seat stress, but there's no excuse.

And then I realized that Boss Family was 2 cars away from me. They hadn't left the park yet, and were just getting in the car right then. I can't help but think that they heard me coming unglued. I mean, how could you NOT hear me? I. AM. SO. EMBARRASSED. I felt bad enough that I lost control like that, but to lose it in front of my husband's boss?

On the way home I apologized to Chaya. I told her that I was unhappy she didn't listen to me, but it didn't warrant me yelling like I did.

I wish Boss-Man coulda heard that.


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