Thursday, April 20, 2006
That's All, Folks.

After all that work, pesach has ended. It's hard to believe we put so much effort into something that lasts a mere 8 days.

Today I woke up to a heavenly smell. Yaakov was frying schmaltz and gribenes for breakfast, along with potato chips. For the un-initiated, schmaltz is chicken fat and gribenes are chicken skins. When I sat down to eat, I kept thinking, "What does this remind me of?" Then it hit me: bacon. A shining ba'al teshuva moment.

We heartily enjoyed our soup with matzo today and so did our guests. They ate so much, G-d bless them. They have a dairy kitchen, so the husband really chowed down. We have them every year, and each year he says, "Does this mean I'm fleishig now?" We always laugh and say, "Yes, for six whole hours!"

I'm taking a little break from tearing down the pesach kitchen. The part I am dreading is removing all the foil and tileboard countertops. Every year, water and stuff manages to seep underneath. I don't need to tell you how gross THAT is. Water has also managed to find it's way all over our kitchen floor. Yaakov thinks when he blowtorched the sinks for pesach, perhaps the fire loosened the plastic seals around the pipes. I'm scared to take off the plastic covering from the bottom cabinets. What wet, smelly monster is lurking there?

I have a ton of food left over. For shabbos I'm basically making challah and brownies. Everything else will be recycled from pesach (even the soup).

All in all, it was our best pesach yet.


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