Sunday, June 11, 2006
Bad News for the Jews:

On Friday, in Israel, the IDF fired onto a Gaza beach. This killed 7 members of a Palestinian family, who were on a picnic.

This is a horrible tragedy. And the worst of it is, the lone surviving member was a 7 year old girl - saved because she was swimming. She came back to the beach to find her whole family gunned down.

Israel's officials have apologized. It was a mistake, with devastating consequences. But what pisses me off is the fact that Palestinians have been bombing and shooting innocent Israelis for years. They don't apologize, oh no. Hamas can't WAIT to claim the glory! They're proud to say "We did it!" They relish it. This picture is of Shalhevet Pass, shot point blank in the head. Ten months old. Did the Palestinians apologize for that? They probably high-fived each other for excellent marksmanship!

And you know what? I feel sorry for Israel, because you can bet revenge is coming. There'll be hell to pay, bloody hell. If I were in Israel right now, you couldn't pay me a million shekels to get on a bus.

The whole thing is a damn shame.


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