Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Thank you, G-d.

We've been behind since pesach. We got slammed with yom tov expenses, and then next year's school registration. Not to mention the hefty sum spent on the midwife. We used our credit card, something long forbidden. We're still trying to pay that off.

Amidst all this are my worried projections about the summer. I am sending my kids to camp, something I didn't do last year. Even Srulik will be going to a half-day program for 2-3 year olds. I told Yaakov that we had to do it - I'll be post-partum. But camp is costly, not to mention the expenses a new baby brings (Baruch Hashem).

There's a story told by a guy in our neighborhood, who lost his business and his house. Every time someone asked him for tzedoka, he gave. When he didn't know how he could do it, he gave and gave and gave. He said when you feel like you have nothing to give, that's when you really have to! And he insisted Hashem always paid him back.

With that in mind, I wrote two tzedoka checks this week. I didn't relinquish my worries, but I told Hashem I was giving in faith. I told Hashem I had faith He would continue to provide for us, and I hoped the tzedoka would help open that door wider. I told Hashem that even if I didn't see it in a revealed way, let the reward for the mitzvah be the mitzvah itself.

Today, we got a nice check in the mail. And this afternoon, someone paid Yaakov for computer work - money I thought we'd never see. Not only did they pay him, but they paid him more than he asked for. (He only billed them for parts, not labor.)

There is a Ladino proverb; "Da al prove, y el Dio te pagara." - "Give to the poor, and G-d will repay you in kind." What isn't mentioned is; "
El Dio paga interés, tambien."

G-d pays interest, too.


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