Monday, May 29, 2006
A Jew is Beyond Reason:

I've been thinking about shavuos, coming up this friday. Shavuos is when we received the Torah. What did the Hebrews say when asked if they would accept the Torah? "Na'aseh v'Nishmah." "We will do and we will listen." The doing part came before the understanding. "Okay Hashem, lay it on us. Whatever you give, we'll take it." Faith is not a rational thing.

You know, when Avraham's sons were circumcised, Yishmael was 11 years old and Yitzchok was 8 days old. There's the argument: Isn't Yishmael's bris on a higher level than Yitzchok's? After all, Yishmael consciously chose to obey G-d, whereas Yitzchok had no choice in the matter. But it was Yitzchok, not Yishmael, who went on to father the Jewish people. What was it about Yitzchok's bris that was special? Yitzchok did not make a decision to be circumcised. It was beyond his reason.

This is the nature of a Jew.


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