Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Kol Tuv.

I'm due this week.

I went to my midwife today, she said the baby's head was really low. That would explain the incredible pressure I've been feeling! She said, "Hang on 'til the 15th, that's when your insurance kicks in." I tend to run late with my births, and I've been saying all along that I won't have the baby until next week anyway. But now that she told me to wait, I feel weird.

I've also been contemplating a homebirth. I started thinking about it regarding shabbos - it would be much easier to have the baby at home if things started happening then. When I think about it, it seems like a much nicer option in general. Not that the birth center isn't awesome, it's just not home. I can imagine how much more relaxed I'd be in my own environment.

The only drawback would be having to ship the kids out. I don't want to make them leave their safe space, especially during such a transitional time. I think it would be ideal if I went into labor in the late afternoon or early evening, then the kids could go to bed and I could have the baby at night while they sleep.

Who knows what will be? It's all in G-d's Hands.


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