Sunday, July 09, 2006

Step-shvigger did not come to Zalman's bris. She went to New York.

A little history: step-shvigger and daughter were emotionally estranged for 6+ months due to family drama. Step-shvigger comes to meet Zalman when he's 1 day old. Step-shvigger is reminded of her other grandson. Step-shvigger decides she MUST book a flight to see her daughter that very next weekend.

At first I was very graceful about it. I accepted that step-shvigger was operating from a place of pain. But as the days went by, I started to feel really upset. Six months she doesn't talk to her daughter, and all of a sudden she HAS to go the weekend of the bris?

A therapist once told me; if something painful comes up in a relationship - and gets "stuffed" for the sake of peace - the relationship gets constipated. That being said, neither myself nor Yaakov is willing to confront step-shvigger.

In other news, we got a check from the grandparents yesterday. I'm totally lame.


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