Thursday, September 14, 2006

13 Things I want to accomplish in Brooklyn:

1. Strengthen a friendship
2. Visit my Rebbe's grave
3. Meet my landlady and her daughter-in-law for lunch in Boro Park
4. And maybe I could find a nice shabbos robe while I'm there?
5. Da'aven in 770
6. Check in with friends
7. See lots of warm, familiar faces on Kingston Avenue
8. Get my wig cut by a Crown Heights professional (pray for me...)
9. Get more "Maven Family" notecards from the local printer
10. Have a soft-serve ice cream at Kingston Pizza
11. Take Chaya to the Jewish Children's Museum
12. Visit relatives in Jersey
13. Pick up a Colel Chabad pushka for a friend

p.s. The ground meat is defrosting for the "consolation dinner." Wish me luck!


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