Thursday, September 21, 2006
A Cingular Experience.

I was in the cell phone store today for like, over an hour. It wasn't because I was having a hard time deciding. It was because there were lots of customers and oh-so-few employees. This is really what I needed to be doing erev rosh hashana.

Anyway, I was there to buy a new phone. Although the one I lost was supposedly the hottest phone ever, honestly, I didn't like it. The buttons were hard to push, and the thing was so thin it got lost in my bag. I found it too confusing to program, and I didn't have the time/patience to figure it out. And the options! More than a Shoney's breakfast bar! It was like a mega-computer in a slick little cell phone body. Not to mention the color - hot pink. Barbie's dream phone. I had a hard time using it while I was busy with the rest of my life. And just having to open and shut the thing were 2 extra steps I didn't need. So I got the cheapest phone they had - a little Nokia standard.

I love it.


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