Thursday, October 12, 2006
You do this to people every day?

The Rebbe advised, when seeking medical help, to see a doctor who is a friend. I don't have any friends who happen to be gastroenterologists, but my mom works for one. I figured that counted.

So today, Zalman and I went to visit Nana and Dr. Brown. We brought our lulav and esrog too. While mom showed Zalman off to her co-workers, I scoped out potential lulav shakers and filled out forms.

Then I'm in the exam room staring at a gastrointestinal diagram, when Dr. Brown comes in. "So you saw blood in the toilet, is that right?" Yep. Bloody toilet bowl. He handed me a paper cover and told me to take off my skirt, then turn on my left side. Oh man. I knew what was coming - a rubber glove and complete humiliation. And even worse, in front of my mother. And my lulav.

"Well, considering you saw so much blood, I'm going to recommend a colonoscopy. It's a 10 minute procedure, with anesthetic." I asked if I could forgo the anesthesia. "Well, unless you have a high pain threshold, I wouldn't recommend it." I said, "Well, I've had 4 natural childbirths..." He explained how the little microscope tube thingy was going to inch around my entire colon. I looked at the diagram on the wall again, then swiftly agreed to drugs.

October 25th is my colon's big debut. Hooray.


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